World Class Teacher, Healer and Psychic Petrene Soames in Athens! 1st – 8th March 2010

World Class Teacher, Healer and Psychic Petrene Soames in Athens! 1st – 8th March 2010

I am so very excited for this event!

Petrene Soames is a world class Psychic and Healer and is an expert in the fields of Healing, Self-Awareness, ESP and Metaphysics with many many appearances on television and radio to her name. Originally from England, she now lives in the Woodlands, Texas ( USA ). She is the Author of the books “The Essence of Self Healing: How to bring Health and Happiness into your Life” and “50 ways to fix your life: the workbook” and the creator of the “Positive Thought Cards”.

Petrene’s schedule in Athens will include the presentation of her book “The Essence of Self-Healing” Greek language edition, book signings, private consultations and Self-Healing workshops. Stay tuned to this web-page, it will be updated as her schedule is created… Contact me via email or feel free to call +30 697 339 7696 so you can book your private session and/or to book your spot in a workshop/the workshops!

All workshops will be in English with live translation by me into Greek. If you would like to book a private session for a loved one who doesn’t speak Greek I am also available for translating private sessions. All translation is highly accurate, fast and non-intrusive.

Get ready for the rest of your life… Book a private session or a workshop. Use Petrene’s unique Self Healing exercises to heal the past and to move forward in incredibly powerful and positive ways.

Self Healing often needs only minutes. Come and find out how.

Private sessions will be scheduled by appointment only in advance and on a “first come first served” basis. You will find the prices as well as descriptions of the sessions offered on the bottom of this page, straight after Petrene’s workshop schedule below:
Tuesday 2nd March 2010, 7.30-9pm

Talk, Book Signing and Presentation:
“The Essence of Self-Healing”
Greek Edition ( Publishers: Klidarithmos )

Join Petrene for this amazing book signing and presentation and learn more about Self- Healing… This talk is open and has something for everyone, for people who have some experience with Self-Healing and for those who don’t…

Self-Healing, What it is, Why it’s important and Where it fits in with modern medicine, spirituality and everyday life…

This is a free event and there will be time for questions and answers.

Location: “Words and Art Room” ( Aithousa Logou kai Tehnis ) of the “Stoa tou Vivlou” ( “Book Arcade” ) which is located at 5 Pesmazoglou Str., near the corner of Pesmazoglou and Panepistimiou Streets, Central Athens.
Nearest Metro station “Panepistimio”.
Sunday 7th March 2010. 10am-1pm

Deep Healing Workshop at the Rejuvenating Salt Cave Crystalotherapy, located on Filelinon 7, Syntagma Square, Central Athens. Metro Station “Syntagma”.

The Ultimate in Rejuvenation and Relaxation with Petrene Soames.

Join Petrene and Xenia for a deep guided relaxation/ meditation and powerful self healing exercise. We will use breathing and regression to help you clear what is probably your biggest block from childhood. This will be followed by a meditation to help you create and get what you want this year – no compromises. We need to clear basic blocks before we can truly create our own positive reality… This workshop will be very amazing and very powerful.

Join us for this special event. This will be a small intimate group and spaces are going quickly so book fast! 15 people maximum for this workshop!

Please make sure you wear warm layered clothes so that you can add a layer if you feel cold or take off a layer if you feel too warm. The salt cave is climate controlled between 19-24 degrees which may be a little cooler than you are used to and body temperature often goes down when we relax deeply. However you will not feel cold, the floor of the salt cave is heated and there will also be light blankets provided.

( Also, please be at the space at least 15 minutes before the workshop starts as we are required by the Salt Cave Rules and Regulations to fill in a health questionnaire before we are allowed to take part… So please come a little early, the workshop will be starting on time! )

Cost: 100 Euros

Up to 12 people for this workshop… Book your place now via email or by calling +30 697 339 7696 …
Sunday 7th March 2010, 2-3.30pm

As part of the 2nd Women’s Festival which is being organized by the Alternative Multi-Space Pure Bliss… ( Romvis 24A, Central Athens. – Metro Stations “Monastiraki” or “Syntagma”. )

We present…

“How to Love Yourself Completely Without Conditions”

Join Petrene Soames who invites you to look at you in profoundly new and positive ways. All about your body and your health and how to get to a place of love and acceptance within yourself. Lose weight and keep it off, be in the best possible shape for you, love and accept your body as it is right now, see the perfection in what you considered imperfect, get some real help, real insight and real answers, you will be thrilled and amazed… Find out which positive thought you most need right now and which color is most helpful to you this year. It’s all about vibrations, so have fun, open up and be really ready for all the best of 2010…

The workshop will be in English with live translation into Greek by Petrene’s number one student and Alternative Therapist Xenia Aidonopoulou. Petrene will also be signing copies of her book “The Essence of Self-Healing” ( Greek Edition ) after the workshop, which you will also be able to purchase at that time.

The cost of this Workshop is 15 Euro.

Book your spot with Pure Bliss ( the workshop can only fit up to 30 people, so book your spot if you know you want to take part for sure! ) by calling +30 210 3250 360-2 or by emailing Pure Bliss through their website.
Sunday 7th March 2010, 6pm – 8pm

“The Essence of Self-Healing”: Self-Healing Presentation and group Question and Answer session with Petrene Soames…

Come and meet Petrene Soames in person, be amazed by her psychic ability and find out all about Self-Healing, how simple and fast it can be and how you can have it work for you…

Bring your most important personal health question and/or question about Self-Healing… Petrene will give answers and advice that you need right now to help you move forward in the best, most positive way possible for 2010… Get your best, most positive color for 2010 and your best, most helpful Positive Thought for 2010…

Prepare to be amazed by the possibilities…

Where: Spring People, 12 Agatharhou street, Psiri, Athens.

Cost: 35 Euros

Maximum 50 people for this event… Book your place now via email, by calling +30 697 339 7696 or contact Spring People …
Monday 8th March 2010, 6pm – 9pm

Workshop: More about having More with Petrene Soames and Xenia Aidonopoulou.

The New Year came and went, are you living 2010 in the moment? Have the positivity, good ideas and good intentions evaporated into the hustle and bustle of everyday life? It’s not too late to get insight and to get real answers to you real questions ( even the ones you did not know you had ) and find out HOW to achieve and manifest what you want in 2010.

Bring your wish list, your questions and your “self”. Get real tools for a new age – out with the old, in with the new, discover the very real and negative statements, ideas and blocks you have and how to drop them fast. Free yourself to live your best, most successful year yet…

It’s time, truly, to open your heart to life and love in new, unthought of ways. This workshop will be 3 hours long and there will be plenty of time for personal attention from Petrene as there is a maximum of 10 participants. A not to be missed spectacular workshop. Book your spot soon!

Where: 42 Agiou Meletiou Str. Kypseli, Athens.

Cost: 70 Euros

Up to 10 people for this workshop… Book your place now via email or by calling +30 697 339 7696 …