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Healing sessions with Xenia can and do change lives!

Healing can be and is in essence very simple…

Using complex, confusing and heavily time consuming healing systems doesn’t work. All my struggles and all my life have culminated in the things I am offering you. The knowledge that I have gathered saved my life and it could definitely do the same for you and for your life also. I would be happy to hear from you if you are searching for something more and if you feel I can be a support and a help along your path.

Healing is about becoming whole…

Healing is allowing ourselves to be connected to and in love with and accepting of all of the different parts of ourselves and so become the perfect and complete person which in fact we already are but have often forgotten that we are or have lost touch with.

Healing is about realizing the absolute perfection of everything and the fact that there are “no mistakes” in this perfection.

Healing can and does take place on many levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

There is never an illness, either physical or psychological, which cannot be helped and which doesn’t have it’s roots within us. Illness is not something that “comes to us” by chance from some outside source, but rather, something which is born inside of us and as we in this way created it, we can choose to un-create it too, we only need to use our willingness, cultivate our awareness and find the right tools to do so.

There is nothing that cannot be helped or healed. Depending on how serious the problem is, healing can take from one session to a few sessions or to a series of sessions for more serious problems.

Illness can be and is many things: fear, anger, sadness, physical, mental and/or emotional imbalance, ignorance and pain. We restore health and balance by bringing understanding and awareness and by bringing to ourselves the missing things we have so been yearning for.

Here is an excerpt from “The Essence of Self-Healing”, the brilliant and must-have book by my teacher Petrene Soames:

“You may think that healing a headache is quite different than healing cancer or heart disease. This is true but only in the sense that you will need to be more committed to be well, more committed to refusing to accept the reality in which you find yourself, and to doing whatever it takes to change that situation. You may have bigger fears to deal with than a person with a headache, but you can still face those fears. You will also need to build your self-belief and set aside the conditioning and a lot of what you have been taught which makes you believe that you are not in control and cannot heal. Start today and give yourself a chance; you probably realize already that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Miracles, as we call them, will and do happen.”

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