Counseling sessions are for anyone who wants and needs support and guidance in their healing journey. They are an essential part of any healing journey as they give you a time and space in which to express and get to the bottom of any issues and blocks that need addressing in your life, whether they be relationship issues, self-esteem issues, work issues, health issues and whatever else you might be facing and dealing with.

A Counseling session with Xenia gives you the opportunity to be heard and listened to on a much deeper and more supportive level than what is usually offered. Her depth of experience and the depth of personal work she has done allows her to understand, be non-judgmental and to know how to go about solving whatever problem it is that you are facing in a much easier and faster way than what is usually offered.

Counseling with Xenia gives you a friend, support, sound advice, healing and guidance into the right methods and techniques for you as well as insight into yourself and your own healing and life process.

“Having done healing work with myself over the course of many years I am in a position to be able to see, feel and recognize patterns and blocks that you are facing and together we can find the best way to deal with these. As we go along I will suggest a combination of other therapies that I offer along with practical “homework” and self-healing exercises which I will give you to deal with the specific problem we are looking at and working on at that time. I do work a lot faster than conventional counseling and this is because I am not working with formulas and set ways of looking at things but rather look at you the whole person and immediately start to address what we see are the most pressing issues. As we work on and clear them we are then naturally able to continue and deal with the next level of issues. The depth of healing achieved and the depth that you go to within yourself is completely up to you. Some people feel relief from their problems and decide that that is enough for them, others still want to keep going in order to get to the bottom of all the basic issues in their lives in order to make sure that nothing else will ever come up and create again big problems for them. in a way we could say they are working on themselves in the now but also preventatively.

Contrary to popular belief, healing does not need to be a drawn out and lengthy affair, actually, healing can be instantaneous if one is open enough and also, a build up of healing moments leads to total healing over time and this time does not need to be huge. I am not saying that one can heal years of problems in a couple of sessions, this would be untrue, just that we can do a lot more that what we think is possible, in a lot shorter period of time than you might imagine. My years of searching have brought me short-cuts and ways of healing that would help you immensely on your self-healing journey. Come and let me show you the short-cuts to joy, health and well-being.

During a Counseling session you have the opportunity to look at your life from a different more helpful perspective, making it easier for you to look at and deal with whatever you need to deal with and creating for yourself a new more positive reality. Surprisingly, often just talking about a problem and being listened to in a non-judgmental way is enough to bring about healing and often problems are solved and situations eased after only a couple of counseling sessions. Often just talking about a problem is enough to give ourselves the mental room we need to solve it and so then like magic it clears. I often have people who come to me facing very difficult situations and they are often amazed and come back to me and tell me that situations have changed without them actually “doing anything” to change them yet and this happens because situations change when we change.

If you live outside of Athens and would like to work with me, Counseling sessions can also easily and just as effectively be done over the phone and/or via Skype.

I am happy to assist you in your own self-healing and self-awareness journey, I am here to help you achieve a happier, easier, more joyful life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss how and schedule our first session.