Rebirthing is an amazing therapy which brings joy, release, freedom and renewed energy and strength. It is a therapy which works on an emotional level and it is dynamic, powerful and very practical. The basis of Rebirthing is very simple deep breathing and many people have reported that even only one session of Rebirthing has helped them more than years of psychotherapy.

Can you imagine actually clearing your emotional issues and not feeling the pain and weight of these situations anymore? Rebirthing using this particular method brings results where years of therapy and many other methods may have failed. This happens because it is one thing to understand our problems mentally but quite another to be able to deal with and clear them on deeper emotional levels.

Rebirthing is all about clearing our emotions in our own way and in our own time. While we are full of old negative emotions these hold us back and do not allow us to make the changes we need to in our lives or to feel the way we would like to. Rebirthing gives the opportunity to clear and let go deep down on this emotional level. Fear, panic, stress, anger, depression, blocks, childhood trauma can all be cleared and dealt with thoroughly, easily and at the root.

Do you feel like life and joy is passing you by, that you can’t have what you want, that you are not attractive enough, not smart enough, that you don’t have enough self-confidence? Do you have low self-esteem? Are you always in relationships where you are the caretaker, where you are emotionally hungry, where you fall a victim of manipulation, where you don’t ask for and don’t receive what you need? Do you feel like you have a weight on your chest, a hole in your stomach? Do you over-eat just so that you can feel safe? Have you done years of psychotherapy or other therapies but despite it all you still feel blocked and stuck? If the answer to even one of these questions is yes then Rebirthing is the therapy for you.

During a Rebirthing session, some people cry, some people express anger and some people just let go very very quietly. A session lasts about one and a half hours and takes place in a comfortable and warm, safe, environment. Although other rebirthing techniques may require 10-20 sessions and maybe even more, this particular method, developed by Petrene Soames, is totally unique and powerful and generally needs 2-3 sessions to be complete. Sessions are never done in a group setting as this detracts greatly from the personal nature of the session and therefore the effectiveness of the technique and the results that you can get.

Rebirthing adds to and helps whatever other work you plan to do with yourself and is indeed the basis for everything else we may do in our lives as it removes the blocks inside that keep things from progressing well and allows for things to flow and fall into place easily and harmoniously – whether they be creative, personal, professional or combinations of all these things.

It is important to realise that Rebirthing has nothing to do with re-living our birth experience but rather has to do with the emotional cleansing we talk about above. Rebirthing means letting go of anything old and anything we no longer need and bringing into our lives all of the new and the good and the positive. Indeed, it is all about being reborn, finding once again joy and enthusiasm for life and coming into contact with the strength we each have inside of us.

Rebirthing with Xenia Other forms of Rebirthing
Only 3 sessions are needed. This saves you money and time and even more importantly ensures that you deal with and clear your issues as quickly and as much within the sessions themselves as possible, not needing to be left alone with your issues between sessions… They recommend to start with 10 sessions and often in practise many more are done… Of course this is more expensive and time consuming and also indicates the relatively shallow nature of the work done – leaving clients with many things coming up over a longer period of time…
Once you have completed the 3 initial Rebirthing sessions with Xenia you never need another series of 3 sessions again… You may choose to do 1 Rebirthing at a later date, some people choose to do 1 a year in order to clear things which may have built up again in that time but you will certainly not be needing to do these sessions often. Work with yourself may not be finished at this point and there are still many things you can do, like healing, counseling, Regression with out hypnosis, again doing these things with Xenia ensures you can move on in simple and fast ways… Rebirthing with Xenia is a deep and simple process which works when it is done and does not need endless repeating. Again, at least 10 sessions are needed they say and in practice many more… It is a technique which is taught and marketed as something that you can then “do yourself” and so it obviously is something which they feel needs to continue on and be done indefinitely…
Breathing during the session is very simple and easy. We take simple, deep and relaxed breaths through an open mouth, down to the bottom of our stomach and into the belly, connecting with all of the energy centers and all of ourselves on the deepest levels. Breathing is apparently sometimes done or advised to be done through the nose – which makes it much more difficult, in fact impossible, to get to the deep levels necessary – and breathing is done into and up to the chest area which leaves out the absolutely crucial lower emotional centers and leaves people unbalanced and not grounded.
Rebirthing is always done with the therapist guiding. It is not possible to do the Rebirthing that Xenia does on your own simply because you would fall asleep before you ever were ever able to get to the depth necessary to clear what needs clearing. They say that you can learn the technique and then do the Rebirthing by yourself – something which makes it understandably not possible for any really deep work to take place.
There is a 30 minute counselling session included 10 days after the main session with every Rebirthing session, in which we answer any possible questions, see exactly where you are at and look at whatever issues and/or feelings that have come to the surface.This procedure ensures feelings of security and clarity about the result of every session and about what has been achieved thus far and is a very important and crucial part of Rebirthing: There may be misunderstandings and/or issues that need to be looked at and cleared up, things we can easily find and clear at this point, which if we didn’t do that could create questions, problems and blocks… There is no follow up included, people who have tried other methods have reported to me feelings of confusion and un-clearness, even fear, about the Rebirthing procedure itself and the many issues that have come up for them after their session and which they have been left to deal with alone and without support…
Rebirthing with Xenia is never done in groups as this can certainly cause damage and simply does now work in any depth. Often offered in groups. On their 8-9 days trainings, people completely new to the technique are “doing Rebirthing” on each other. This is perhaps fine if we are practicing massage or something relatively simple and practical like that but not for Rebirthing of any quality, safety and assuredness.
Rebirthing with Xenia is not a mental therapy, we don’t work with memories and thoughts during the session and any mental analysis and work that needs to be done is simply done in separate sessions like counseling and Regression without hypnosis either before or after the Rebirthing is completed.Rebirthing with Xenia simply has to do with deep, basic and essential emotional clearing – any mental work attempted during a Rebirthing session would only slow down or completely bring to a halt this essential process. Mental analysis and work is often done during the session, something which results in neither the mental nor the emotional work being completed and something which also of course slows down any processing and which explains why so many sessions are needed…
Rebirthing with Xenia has nothing to do with reliving or re-enacting or clearing just our actual birth experience.In Rebirthing sessions with Xenia, we don’t use our mind to focus on specific experiences, memories or issues because to do so would limit the breadth and scope of the work and this would be reflected back in the results we obtain from each session. It is much more effective to simply focus in a non-specific and simple way as we do, on clearing ALL that needs clearing on emotional levels and this will of course include our birth experience ( and all else ) as necessary… Mental issues experiences and memories are often focused on, for example “your birth experience”, “your mother”, “your father” and various other focus points… The process is naturally limited by this practice and cannot develop as much as it otherwise could do, limited as it is by the conscious mind and what it can conceive and is aware of.
Xenia studied Rebirthing in a private tailored setting and in individualized 1-to-1 training in the USA with Petrene Soames, the English born creator and founder of this advanced and newer form of Rebirthing.Since completing her initial and basic studies in 1999, Xenia has been in contact with her teacher on a weekly basis, working on the finer aspects involved in all of the healing methods she offers as well as continually working on clearing herself and building her awareness, all things which of course ensure that she will always be the best possible healer and therapist and channel of energy for the people who place their trust in her and who come to her for help. People who offer other forms of Rebirthing have studied in a group setting and very very few of them have studied with the actual founder of the method – who even when present at these group training workshops, apparently does not give any sessions himself. He saves them for the people who pay for his more expensive “Master” seminars and then he gives them a single or a few sessions it seems. In addition to this, very few people/therapists and/or Rebirthers have the commitment to their craft to be constantly updating their learning and their personal development.
Before she studied Rebirthing and became and Alternative Therapist, Xenia, with Petrene’s help, had cleared all of her basic issues and problems, healing and clearing them through Rebirthing and the other healing techniques that Petrene offers so that she could get to where she needed to be in order to be able to be in a position to help others.This is a basic and necessary aspect before any studies with Petrene and this is because, very simply, we can only heal, help, support or understand others to the degree that we have healed, helped, supported or understood ourselves… The only pre-requisite for studying Rebirthing in the more common group way is the money/payment to secure your place in the class…
Xenia has been working with and offering Rebirthing since 1999, doing so professionally since 2005 and during this period of time has done Rebirthing, counseling and healing with hundreds of people.Apart from her experience and apart from the fact that she is constantly working to improve her craft, Xenia is herself especially sensitive and very intuitive, often feeling in her own body, mind or emotions where the clients blocks may be. She does not simply apply “techniques”.

Xenia acts and focuses completely in an individualized way with each separate client who she works with, something which is invaluable and is the best possible catalyst in the process of Rebirthing.

Rebirthing cannot be individual in a group setting!Also, most people who offer or who have studied Rebirthing, certainly here in Greece, are not doing so professionally and they are often supporting themselves financially through some other full or part time work, offering Rebirthing as a side-line…

Their experience as therapists, their commitment to the healing path, their awareness about the uniqueness and individuality of each person who comes to them and their ability help, support and heal people, as well as their learning experience are of course all, naturally, relatively limited.


* Please note!

The Rebirthing which Xenia offers and which she is talking about here is the unique form of Rebirthing created by Petrene Soames and Xenia is the only person in Europe who offers it! The Rebirthing we are talking about here has nothing to do with the tragic events in Colorado USA which led to the death of the Candace Newmaker… The psychologically ill people who so tragically lead Candace to her death were being abusive and not healing, they were unsuited to offer any sort of healing work ( since they were ill themselves.. ) and the Rebirthing which Xenia offers is not able to be studied by anyone who has not first completed their own healing work first and who does not have excellent psychological health and awareness.

Also, Rebirthing, as taught by Petrene and offered by Xenia, does not include any form of abuse, either psychological or physical, does not involve any covering up of the head ( the client is very comfortable, fully clothed, warm, lying down and covered up to the shoulders with a light and soft duvet… ) and neither do we try during the session to re-enact the birth experience of the individual. Violence and harshness are things which are completely opposite of healing in general and the whole process of Rebirthing is gentle, encouraging and HEALING.

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