My prices are as affordable as I can make them, despite the fact that I work a lot faster and more effectively than is usual,  saving you money, time and a lot of pain and difficulty in the process… I could theoretically be charging a lot more for my services… I keep my prices as affordable as possible as as a gesture of solidarity to Greece and it’s people but also for people all around the world…

Because I love what I do and I ♥ Athens and Greece…

Counseling: Our first session will be a counseling session. 1 hour = 50 euros*, 30 mins = 25 euros*
Healing, Clearing and Balancing : 90 mins = 70 euros*, 1 hour = 50 euros*
Rebirthing : 2 hours in total ( 90 mins + 30 mins ten days afterwards ) = 100 euros*
Space Clearing : 
The charge for this session depends on the size of the space and the cost and time of travel to and from your space. Time in charged for per hour and a space of 50-100 square metres with relatively easy access is usually charged between 50-75 euros*.

*The above prices do not include VAT 23%.

Healing sessions are conducted at a pace and in a way which suits you!

  • Are you visiting Athens and would like to have a session while you are here?
  • Do you live in Athens and you would like to have regular sessions and support? We can schedule sessions as your timetable and budget allows…
  • The 3 Rebirthing sessions which are needed to complete the Rebirthing must have at least 10 days between them and can be done every 10 days, once per month or even once every 2 months or longer, without any problem at all and without sacrificing results or losing the progress that has been made. Rebirthing with Xenia is a very powerful process and you certainly don’t need to do all 3 sessions to start seeing results, you will be seeing results from the first session onwards!

Please feel free to contact me so that we can work out a program which suits you exactly and for any other questions you may have!