50 Ways to Fix your Life: The Workbook


“50 Ways to Fix your Life: The Workbook” is the continuation of “The Essence of Self-Healing: How to bring Health and Happiness to your Life”, written for all those who asked for and want more simple and effective self-healing exercises to use and add to their self-healing toolbox! The exercises are so simple and easy to do and understand that this book also works as a brilliant stand alone self-healing tool.


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“This book is comprised of self-healing exercises and techniques, which are based on the many workshops the author has conducted. It is well based on actual experience with groups of people. A specific exercise for each of 50 different aspects of life’s difficulties are described. The exercises are simple, easy to follow from the text, and can be practised by anyone at home, or in any convenient place. These exercises tackle such challenges as: what makes you happy; working through loss and grief; healing the past and forgiving; choosing beyond fear and negativity; hands-on healing; no more loneliness; finding love; and many more of the challenges we all face on our life journeys.”

“The writing is clear, with easy to follow instructions for each exercise, most of which can be done in a short amount of time. It is reader friendly and will help many people towards a happier, more harmonious and balanced life.”

– Ruby Millar Abrahams,
Author of “At the End of the Day: Positive and Creative Aging After Midlife”