Clearing, Healing and Balancing

During a Clearing, Healing and Balancing session with Xenia, we work on physical blocks, pain or illness and begin to identify, clear and heal the deeper issues that have caused the imbalances that lead to them. Other therapies such as Rebirthing, Counseling and Regression are always recommended where needed.

A Clearing, Healing and Balancing session can help all sorts of illnesses and pain – from migraines, to back-ache, to pulled muscles and painful joints right through to very serious illnesses such as arthritis and cancer. Of course the more serious an illnesses is, the more deeply and totally we need to re-look at our whole self and life-style. Healing in these cases involves being deeply committed to working with all of our emotional as well as mental issues, but the amazing thing is that it works! Many people have done it – why not you? Alternative therapy sessions of any kind though are of course not a substitute for medical attention and advice but rather a very good and effective complementary treatment which will help to boost any medical or other methods you may be using.

During the Clearing, Healing and Balancing session the client is fully clothed at all times – not including shoes, watch and any jewelry, which need to be removed – and either sitting comfortably in a chair or lying down comfortably on the Healing bed.

The Clearing part of the session is the first part and it involves the opening and clearing of the basic energy centers or charkas as they are called in the East. The client is sitting comfortably with their feet immersed in a warm and soothing footbath infused with Lavender essential oil and sea salt as Xenia puts her hands on these basic energy centers – the top of the head, the forehead, the throat, the upper chest, the stomach and the belly – and focusses pure, high and clear energy into them to facilitate them back into their flowing, open and clear state. The client is at all times fully clothed, relaxed and is directed to breath easily with their mouth open and may at times be directed to visualize a color or picture – sometimes colors and pictures “come” to the client and if so, we work with them – and at other times to have the strong thought “I am letting go easily of everything I no longer need”.

After we have “opened up” the main energy centers we can then go on to work on any physical issues or problems, working directly on the physical body in order to alleviate any pain, tightness, weight or imbalance there.

The energy being focused and used during a healing session with Xenia is very open, strong, high, finely tuned and Universal. We are all beings made up of energy and we can focus, channel and use this energy in any way we wish. The clearer we are energetically and on all levels, the stronger, finer and more positive this energy that flows through us is and the better a channel we are for Universal Energy – which in reality we could say is nothing more or less, is the same as us in a perfectly open and healed form. Xenia has personally done a lot of work over many years to fine tune, balance and heal her whole self and healing sessions with her are a cut above average in many many ways. You can read more about what people are saying about their experience with Xenia on the testimonials page.

Often during a Healing session, problem areas not already identified are identified, as Xenia feels the energy of the client and where blocks are and during the session we can then focus on these problem or painful areas on the body. The therapist uses their hands to focus energy onto and into physical areas in the body which are in pain or blocked. Pain, blocks and physical problems are simply areas where for various reasons there is less than perfect energy flow. These areas can feel and are variously described as “painful”, “heavy”, “tight”, “frozen” and more. When flow is restored in this way, so too are our own bodies’ self-healing capabilities and so feelings of wellness and well-being are restored. Healing is a combination of all these things. It is a therapy which helps our body and soul can go back to and become closer to it’s pure, clear and natural state – which is indeed perfect health.

We may already be aware of various mental blocks before we start working but also often during a session we can identify any further issues that need looking at through related discussion and any images and feelings which come up.

When we identify a negative mental block from the past which has led to negative consequences and has kept being a negative pattern in our lives, we can clear it using a specific visualization technique. By bringing positive mental energy, light and healing to that place in ourselves we heal forever something that until now may have caused and may still be causing great problems in our lives. Negative mental imprints from the past leave their mark on us and on our lives and help to create our present and future as our mind will continue to re-create these negative experiences even though we may no longer want them in our lives. This visualization technique is an amazingly easy and simple way to heal negative mental patterns and beliefs and best of all it really works! And it is important to realize that you don’t have to actually “see” anything for visualization to work, it is enough to have your mind focused on and to “think” the thoughts.

At the end of the session, using a very simple technique, we can bring into balance the left with the right side of the body, the masculine with the feminine, the creative with the practical, the intuitive with the logical. This is important as we are all made up of both male and female energies and when these parts of us are out of alignment, problems manifest on all levels of our lives. Relationships, both work related and personal, creativity and physical well-being among other things are all negatively affected by lack of harmony between right and left, male and female within us.

An obvious example of how this works is to look at the way relationships between men and women are being played out in the world today – a world were clearly and generally the feminine is undervalued, misunderstood and feared. (Often the same is happening to the male as well, though in different ways). This is a situation that is clearly not helping us all to move forward in harmony and peace. Are we satisfied with the level of communication we have achieved in our lives with our partners and mates, with the “other” sex? What do we need to do in order to go to the next level? By bringing into balance these parts in ourselves we are indeed “putting the world in order”, what we start to understand, value and appreciate and love in ourselves we become able to understand, value, appreciate and love in others and as we put ourselves in order we put the world in order.

As a direct result of this work with ourselves the outside world is changed, everything is changed; the nature of our relationships and the emotional health of our relationships is enriched and so is the quality of people that we draw to ourselves. We create the world, our lives, from the inside out and so any inner work we do has far reaching effects on all aspects of our reality. As of course any work we do on outer aspects of our lives affects our inner lives. Actually, anything and everything positive which we do creates a never-ending positive upward spiral which if given enough fuel by us, ( energy, emotion, thought, commitment, work ) will continue onwards and upwards forever, without end. This is brilliant news to say the least!