Space Clearing

Space clearing is a session for our homes and work spaces. It clears the space so that energy can flow freely and smoothly within that space and helps people, products and ideas within that space move more freely, creatively and dynamically. It can increase personal and family harmony, making relationships easier, as well as professional harmony, increasing profits and easing business relationships.

I once Space Cleared a business which was owned by two female business partners and which was going well enough but not fantastically. While both women were interested in being financially independent and owning their own business this particular business just did not seem like it was exactly what they wanted and so it was not going exactly right for them. They had decided to give the place another year before they were going to decide whether it was going to be profitable or interesting enough for them to keep and as one of the women had also just done Rebirthing with me they asked me if i would clear the space for them to get things moving.

To their and my great surprise, within the next couple of weeks after the clearing they had decided to sell the business! Finding a new buyer at first seemed difficult and like it was going to take time but was not a problem at all as they remembered the obvious! – They had a friend who was interested and who was even a frequent visitor to the shop and for whom this opportunity amazingly, was perfect timing! – This same woman now owns the space and she is doing great. It has developed into a thriving and very personal business for her and she is putting a lot of love, energy and creativity into it. This is an example of how perfectly things can work out when people and places are flowing freely and harmoniously.

Space Clearing in various forms exists in most spiritual, religious and cultural traditions and this is because the spaces in which we live and work are affected by and affect us on an everyday basis. When they are not cleared out on an energy and physical level regularly then we are living with all of our old energy imprints as well as with the old energy imprints of all the people who lived or worked there before us. It is natural that this can get and feel suffocating and whether we realise it or not, this does not allow for total free movement and newness in our lives.

Space Clearing makes room for new and fresh energy and things to come into the places we live and work in and into our lives. On a practical level, this session also can and often does involve advice and instruction for arranging furniture, objects and/or colors in the space more harmoniously as well as clearing the space on a fine, energetic, vibrational level. I often pick up on areas of distress, where negative energy has collected and offer solutions so that energy will no longer be blocked or collect in a negative way there. This can be a very healing session for the inhabitants of the house or workers in the case of a work space.

Space Clearing is a fresh start or make-over for buildings and their inhabitants.