The Healing Sessions I offer are powerful, direct and truly effective… They work, even when years of trying other therapies and techniques has failed…

The following testimonials are from people just like you… Most have been translated from the Greek language and the names of the authors may have changed, according to their wishes… They were all able to heal themselves and their lives, leaving behind panic attacks, stress, depression, anger, addictions, eating disorders, physical issues and much much more… For sure you can too…

If you have done work with me and would like to share your experience with others, send me an email with your experience and I will be happy to include it here.

I confess that Rebirthing and Xenia came into my life at just the right time! I was in total despair, I had reached my limits. I was facing many problems, financial, family and health, which were destroying me. Trying without results to find a solution, I had broken down and was depressed. My fears together with the intense stress and the inner over-stress which they created had created an impenetrable wall around me, leaving me totally unable and weak, not having the strength to go forward with even one step.

With rebirthing, I completely was able to stand on my feet, to make decisions which I could not even conceive of making before for myself, such as leaving my family home on the island where I was living and to live alone in Athens, to learn to look after myself, to not be afraid with every little thing any more. Many dilemmas and things started to clear up inside myself and I was able to see what to do in order to really move forward. Slowly slowly I started to come into contact with my inner self and my real needs. Thanks to Rebirthing I am learning to live in order to please myself and not only others, as I had been taught to do. This is a wonderful feeling of freedom.

Many and warm thanks to Xenia who brought this method to Greece so that it can be taken advantage of/be beneficial to people who really need it.

Maria M.


In July I had an eye healing treatment with Xenia! Up till this day my eyes were very tired and my vision cloudy. Then miraculously a week after the session no pain, no cloudy vision, no headaches.
Many thanks to Xenia!



I really believe in the work that Xenia is doing. It has positively affected me and my life from just the first session. I feel that anyone can benefit from this kind of healing. It really is down to earth, practical and very insightful.



In the last few months more things have happened than have happened in my whole life. With my exams and the separation of my parents I was constantly in other worlds and I was trying to keep myself busy so that I wouldn’t fall apart. Now I am back to myself though and I can say that if I hadn’t come to you I don’t think I would have made it. I have a lot of strength inside me now and I am enjoying my life, a feeling I have never had. When I come back to Greece I would like very much to see you again. Have a great time.



My meeting with Xenia was a very good synchronistic event which gave me the chance to meet an honest and refined person with super-sensitive antennas of understanding and also for us to put into practice together the technique of Rebirthing, which had exceptional results in the development of my awareness and in my self-improvement. After one year, I can see the positive total effect of the therapy on the bettering of my health. Xenia, I thank you for your support and the help which you offered and offer me.
With my love,



Rebirthing with Xenia led me to a procedure of Aristotelian cleansing of the physical and psychological tragedy of my life, helping me to leave behind many useless accumulated parts of it. I am thankful that it came into my life at the right time. From my point of view Multiple Sclerosis is a situation that is triggered and made worse by a build up of small problems that in total can create a serious paralysis. I thank my good fortune that I found Rebirthing and that it helped me to confront those and to maintain myself in a steady condition without steroids.



Xenia Aidonopoulou is an elite class alternative therapist and a wonderful person. She managed within 4 sessions to relieve me of pains I have had for years ( arthritis, splitting headaches, strong pains in the nape of the neck ) and she helped me discover inside of myself a strength which put color and hope into my life. I feel the need to thank her warmly for all that she has done.



The session was really excellent. I came very upset and angry and left relaxed and happy. Τhe more light we spread the better it becomes… Our discussions and the Rebirthing have brought me significantly further in self understanding.

My holidays were excellent and I am feeling very good. I think that small shifts in my thinking patterns are more valuable than thousands of books, discussions etc. It’s about seeing, putting the light in the right spot in your soul.



I am grateful to have met you. You open up for me new horizons of freedom and you awaken the truth and beauty that I have inside of me.



Xenia, a thousand “thank you”s for helping and comforting my mother and I. You are wonderful, lovely, you and Petrene, thank you with all my heart for all both!… now I am free and the happiest I have ever been… I love you both and thank you with all my heart.

Christina L.


Xenia’s energy was a catalyst for me. It flowed through me calmly, healing me, at times warm, at times refreshing, it metamorphosed into my quality of energy, revealing things to me. I am grateful to her.



It is impressive how easily Rebirthing with Xenia brings to the surface old forgotten traumas and wounds so that they can be recognised and healed. Xenia’s sweet tenderness and honest interest help enormously in this therapy. I thank her with all of my being.



I have done two Rebirthings with Xenia at this point. At first I was reserved, I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen but during the session I started to let myself free and to feel a sweet experience where my pain came out. At the end I felt an electricity and a feeling of calm strength. The dreams I saw afterwards were very deep and touched on areas inside me that I knew I had to look at and arrange… I simply felt more ready and more conscious about some things which had to be done.

The second Rebirthing took place in a period of great stress and was a very freeing experience. I felt an unbelievable relief and I felt light as if a huge weight had left from me. I felt in greater contact with myself and I did things which filled me with happiness and calmness and deep emotion.

Two excellent experiences, one different from the other, with such different messages for me. I am impatient to do the third! I thank Xenia who is so sweet and supportive and who by winning my trust helps me to make big steps in the conquest of my dreams!

Sofia T.


Rebirthing for me was something unknown and as you can understand I was reserved about it. I am however open to new things and so I decided to try it. I have worked many years with myself, Rebirthing with Xenia however, is something different. It was an unbelievable experience.

I was very pressured in my life! I was trying of course to balance things, to make priorities but it was no use… the pressure just got bigger. After doing one Healing, Clearing and Balancing session and the first only Rebirthing session, “like magic” and though nothing had changed around me, I felt lighter, like I was liberated, like I was taken out of a cage, freed!!

The difficulties became easier to deal with. Generally I saw my life from a different angle. Within a month I managed to move forward professionally and to calm down emotionally. I feel a strength, a well-being and an aliveness… I feel that I emptied out some heavy things which were choking me and I deal with and enjoy all the new things which are coming.

I want to thank you Xenia, because with what happened I was totally revived, I feel in control of myself and my life ( I don’t know if I have ever felt this way ). I deal with the difficulties and enjoy the joys.

I love you a lot,



After 8 months of psychoanalysis I had found some inner blocks which were stopping me from living the life that I wanted. I heard about Rebirthing with Xenia and I immediately felt that it was the exact next step which would help me ESSENTIALLY.

With Rebirthing I started feeling calmer and seeing my life more positively. I am clearing out old stuff and making room for new things. I got strength and confidence as well as optimism. I am more frequently in contact with my strength and am channelling it in the right way and not pointlessly. I also feel more balanced and am able to intervene in my life more positively and effectively, without the fear that I had. I believe in Xenia and her work.

With appreciation and thanks to Xenia.



I am glad i met you and trusted you. You are magical. Thank you.



I feel great, strong and a philosopher and i always think of you because everything is (partly) thanks to you.



I have lots of news – I feel very well within myself and I am doing lots of new things. Rebirthing works!



Like spring comes imperceptibly, absorbing the decayed leaves and the first green shoots come out, so too with these techniques, leave quietly patterns that we don’t need, memories and situations are enlightened positively and the puzzle of our personal adventure is “set in order”… You gain easy access to your inner wealth and relaxed optimism in your everyday life. You accept life as it is and you are more honest with yourself. Xenia’s discerning and mindful presence helps you on your journey. I can’t wait for the continuation.

Anna P.


“Don’t look elsewhere anhymore, the journey is here…” This was the song playing on the radio when I booked my first session with Xenia! I thought it was a good sign.

The reality though seems to be better than the most amazing fantasy. I really cannot describe how moved I felt, the tenderness I felt but also the positivity afterwards. My goals and dreams for the future have stopped being part of a larger philosophical discussion and have already started to materialize. Rebirthing floods you with love, joy, strength and positivity and because the journey with Xenia is exciting, I can’t wait for the next sessions…

Dear Xenia, a huge thank you is very small. It is best I tell you in person…

Be Well!