This interview of Petrene Soames was conducted by me, her student, Alternative and Holistic Therapist Xenia Aidonopoulou and published in “Yoga World” magazine, Athens, Greece, March 2010!

Petrene Soames is a World Class Psychic, Healer, Therapist, radio and TV talk show guest, Paranormal and ESP expert and is also the Author of “The Essence of Self Healing: How to Bring Health and Happiness into your Life” ( also published in Greek and Chinese ), “50 ways to fix your life: The Workbook” and “The Process” and is also the creator of the “Positive Thought Cards”. Petrene was born in England and now lives and works in the Woodlands, Texas USA.

Hello Petrene, your book “The Essence of Self-Healing” has been published and is now available in the Greek language and you will be in Athens to promote it in early March 2010. Would you please tell me a bit about what Self-Healing is and how you perceive it?

I perceive Self Healing as a person healing themselves, be it on the physical, emotional and/or mental levels, but Self Healing is also very much about healing the past, the present and the future and all the different selves that we are. By this I mean ourselves when we were six or twenty or whatever age our emotional blocks were created in. The is very important because up until we pinpoint and heal these selves and times we will never really be happy or successful within ourselves no matter what we achieve.

How else is “The Essence of Self-Healing: How to bring Health and Happiness into your Life” and your approach different to the other books and approaches on Self-Healing that are out there?

This approach of Self-Healing and this book are different to what is already available in that it is made very very simple. The reader can use the Self Healing experience and have it work for them and then go on to build their own self love, self confidence and self awareness… All of which is needed before one can truly start to create reality, be in charge and live the life that they are indeed here to live. The things that I teach, share and do are always a lot faster and more effective than what is normally expected and offered and above everything else, I have taken Self-Healing to the source, its very Essence and made it understandable and possible for everyone, for people who have tried other methods and failed or for people who have had no previous experience at all…

What in your opinion is illness and why do we get sick or unwell?

Illness is different things for different people but to describe it simply, it can be caused by an emotional action or a reaction, by a long term unfulfilled need, by a denial and suppression of the self, by a past time wound and by a desire to force ourselves to take the time and action needed to create positive change and realization within ourselves and our lives. So actually illness is a hard way of doing things and yet at this point in time it is a way that many many people use.

Can anyone and everyone use Self-Healing or do they have to be experienced in spiritual and/or healing practices?

Anyone can use Self-Healing they don’t need to be spiritual or to believe, belief follows of course after change and results, but people do need to follow the simple instructions and as I have written them.

Can Self-Healing cure serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis etc?

Yes Self-Healing can most definitely cure serious illness such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, lupus etc.

Can we use Self-Healing in order to stay in good health, even if we are not facing any illness or disease? What kinds of things can we expect as we start to include Self-Healing in our lives?

We can use Self-Healing to stay in good shape and great balance, to help us to heal the self and selves, to love and express ourselves and to bring positive change. All of this without needing to use being ill as a way to move forward. As we start to use Self-Healing we will experience more calm, joy, understanding, realization, acceptance, our energy will be greater, and we will have greater overall feelings of well-being.

How much time per day do we have to spend doing Self-Healing exercises? How much time would that be if we are already ill and how much time if we are well but just want to keep ourselves in the best possible shape or keep ourselves from getting ill in the first place?

To keep ourselves in shape and on track, even as little as ten minutes a day will make a big difference… To develop our awareness and to bring change into our lives maybe twenty minutes or so and to start working with real illness, any time that we use will start to bring benefits but as far as the amount of time needed exactly, of course this depends very much on what exactly we are facing or dealing with.

In your book you have many simple examples of self-healing exercises, could you give me an example of a simple self-healing exercise and how it works/what it does? What do you feel would be most useful for the readers right now at the beginning of this fabulous new year, 2010?

Where to start in 2010… I would suggest that your readers begin by each and every using the affirmation “I love myself completely without condition”. Say these words firmly and often out loud or just in your mind each and every day. This is the beginning of everything that is amazing and the beginning of healing. Keep working with these words until they feel true and normal and good. You have everything in the book that you need to develop this self love, self acceptance, self understanding and Self-Healing.

Could you give us an example of someone you have worked with recently who was facing serious problems and illness and who has healed themselves using the techniques and philosophy of Self-Healing?

One of my most recent cases where a person successfully worked with Self-Healing and cured themselves was a man in his early 60s who had chronic sinus problems to the point where he could not breathe at night without a machine. During the day his eyes and nose were constantly running and swollen. He underwent surgery which did not help and after about four months of using Self-Healing he is cured and not facing this problem anymore. This probably took about four months altogether and up until he came to see and met me he knew nothing about Self-Healing and was actually quite a skeptic… But he gave it a try after his wife used it to successfully cure her own Hepatitis.

That’s excellent! It is often the case that we are inspired by the people around us and I often hear of wives of husbands influencing each other in these positive ways… In the book you talk about the unique and powerful healing methods of Rebirthing, Regression, Progression and Digression ( all without using hypnosis… ) which you have developed… What are these therapies and why do we still need them if Self-Healing works? I guess the question is can we do everything ourselves or do we sometimes need outside help?

The Rebirthing, Regression, Progression and Digression sessions that I talk about in the book are indeed powerful tools that can and may be needed in a persons Healing journey. Yes, sometimes we do need help, not because it’s not possible to fix things on our own, but because few of us have developed our own awareness yet to the point where these useful and powerful tools would not be to our advantage and benefit to use.

You are a psychic as well as being a healer who has developed these many unique and powerful healing techniques. Can you tell us a bit about how you see this coming year being for Greece and the people who are living here who are trying to create a harmonious and spiritual reality for themselves? How do you see Greece at this time?

I do see Greece in this year becoming even more important in Europe. Indeed, many people will look to Greece this year to see how she is handling and creating change on many different levels, from politics to economics and lifestyles. I will speak in more detail about this when I am there and through the media.

Thanks Petrene, a final question for those who are thinking of coming to see you when you are here: “why should people come to see you in one of your appearances while you are here in Greece?”

Because I will give them something that they did not have before, an answer that they have been searching for and the advice that they really need to follow so that they can change everything. It is true that I cannot make them take the advice but it will be 100% valuable and correct and I will certainly inspire them too try.

Thank you so much for your time, we look forward to speaking with you and seeing you in person very soon in Athens!!