My thoughts on moving on, the difference between the new teachers and the old teachers, what it means to take real steps and what’s new… By my amazing teacher, Petrene Soames, 2010.

The healing methods, therapies and techniques which I developed and which we could say come under the umbrella of “Self Healing and Awareness” are totally unique and complete.

Of course the whole subject we are talking about is both incredibly simple and also incredibly complex, but this is what a master does, he or she takes it all and finds simple ways to make the complex understandable and work for everyone.

Of course we should look at the older healing systems and religion in general, be it Buddhism, Christian Orthodoxy or Christianity of any other kind, Hinduism etc… We need to look at different belief systems and ways to open ourselves, different ways to heal our past and our wounds, because these different ways remind us of and reconnect us with the amazing being that we truly already are. Everything has something in it. But beware of anything that tells you that you must study for many many years or that you should follow a strict regime, anything that tells you to beware of “evil” or “bad” things, anything that makes you feel that the world is a scary, unsafe place or that you are bad because anything that tells you these kinds of things is totally missing the point.

Also be aware that any system that tells you to forgive others because that makes you a good person yet doesn’t help you build your awareness of what you are actually dealing with, or any system that doesn’t work with you until you can truly see the perfection in how you were supposedly wronged and that actually there is nothing to forgive, is also missing the point.

Old masters, old saints and old deities have brought us to this point in time, they can give us clues to go forward but they cannot take us forward for they already took a lifetime or more to get to where they got and they have already taken us there anyway. The new masters are the ones who will help us to find the amazing in who and what we already are, for we are already all of everything that came before us and all that is to come after us and we need to realize and celebrate the uniqueness of ourselves. Anything less than this may seem and feel at times to be helpful, even life changing and all consuming, but in reality it is missing the point…

As far as spiritual experiences are concerned, I don’t think there is an ultimate experience or a highest level or even a lowest level or a best state of being. There are so many different experiences and levels and realities and ways to experience life, reality and the beyond. We give names to these places and points in time and space and many so called teachers urge us to keep striving to reach them but they make it seem like it is only after much time or much work or sacrifice that can we hope to achieve these experiences or this enlightenment. Yet these are simply old ways of thinking! None of this means that this is so, rather there are many different ways of doing things and in this time, each and every one of us is quite capable of experiencing all of this and more much more…