Make this holiday season perfect for you!

  1. Make a choice this holiday season not to give too much, be too much, do too much. Instead be more relaxed and present in each moment.
  2. Give yourself the gift that “you really want” this holiday season; at the very least, “want something”.
  3. Keep it simple, give love; it does not cost money and can be expressed easily, when you “think” what to give, “think” from your heart.
  4. Allow yourself to break with tradition if that is what you want to do; allow yourself to let go and bring change.
  5. Update, revise, and accept what the holiday season “means” to you these days, then allow others to do the same.
  6. Do something silly, childish, and fun… just because.
  7. Spend some time relaxing and dreaming magical thoughts.
  8. Enjoy and explore other people, but accept that not everyone “has to get along” and you don’t have to be responsible.
  9. Wrap up, and enjoy the season. Get outside, whatever the weather is like where you are.
  10. Replace any feelings of dread, sadness, and stress with positive thoughts and affirmations.

If you need help with any of these I am here…
From me and Petrene, wishing you warmly, from the heart, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!