First, what depression ISN’T…

  • Depression is not a sign that you are problematic or crazy. Quite the opposite. It means that you are sensitive, probably more sensitive than the norm and that for this reason you are more intensely affected by whichever circumstances and events are around you and also those that have been around you in our life up till now… Sensitive people are ahead of their time and are the ones to bring change, first to themselves, then to their environment and humanity. They feel problems ( and as long as they don’t stay stuck, find their solutions…. ) before others do…
  • Depression is not a weakness or punishment and it does not mean that you are a bad person or have done something wrong. It simply means that you need to learn and put into practise new and better for you things and bring new, more positive perspectives…
  • Depression is not forever. It is a phase that many many people go through at some point in their lives and the faster you deal with it, the faster it will pass. The help and support of an expert, especially someone who has been through depression but has truly come out the other end, can be the best possible thing at this time.
  • Depression does not have an age limit. Someone can be depressed at 20, someone else at 40 ( the well known “mid life crisis” ), someone else at 70 and so on… This is another good reason not to compare yourself to others!  
  • Depression is not the same for everyone. We are all different and despite the fact that there will always be some commonalities, the symptoms and emotions of each person, as their lives, are unique… It is recommended that whichever therapy you choose at this time be one-to-one and with an experienced therapist that is able to see beyond stereotypes… Now is definitely the time – it is a necessity and not a luxury when you are depressed – to give yourself the whole hearted care and attention that you need!
  • Depression cannot be healed with medication. Of course there is no medication or substance that can heal the worries, issues, existential and philosophical dilemmas, traumas and wounds that we as people all have. Medication can be there as a support if needed and sometimes can be necessary, perhaps fewer times than you may think though. Medication ideally is only taken temporarily while at the same time doing the necessary work with yourself.
  • Depression is not all or nothing, nor black or white, there are all the shades of gray in between… We may all have some relative degree of depression at times… If you pay attention to and notice the small signs and you know how ( something which of course is difficult to know unless you have already been through it! ) you can avoid the deeper forms of depression. If you have not avoided them however and you find yourself already there, know that for sure it is not too late and that you can get out of it, it will just take a little more time than it would for a lighter form.
  • Lastly, depression is not “all in your mind” and you can’t “just get over it”! To heal depression, really, ideally, forever and with the best possible results, you  need to deal with it where it exists, which is on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In other words, you need to deal with it holistically! Here at “Yes! We Are Stars!” we can help you do exactly that: we can and do bring healing on all these levels!

So what IS depression?

  • Depression, if you do the work required of you, can mean the start of a new, better than ever life! It can be the very thing needed so that you can learn and remember who you are, what you want, what you don’t want, what you need, what you don’t need and for you to start to make the changes needed based on these things. It can even lead you to the meaning of life, leading you to a bigger, more expanded and creative, truly joyful and happy life!
  • Depression can be the landmark of maturity in a person. If you divide your life into “before” and “after” and if you get the help and healing you need, the “after” will always be clearly and extremely better and all the richer for all that you learnt to get there…
  • Depression is a phase that you get to because you blame, judge, reject and do not love yourself. To get over or through depression you actually need to learn how to love yourself from the beginning again and be the best friend, parent, lover and teacher to yourself that you can be! It is time to learn how!
  • Depression is always about a lack of expression and inner flow. Depression means that you are “overwhelmed”, “full up”, “up to here”, that you are saturated and full of old emotions, anger, sadness, pain, fear, as well as thoughts and things that you have an immediate need to express, let go of and clear and heal within yourself. When you are full up of old things there is no room for anything new!
  • Depression is a sign from yourself to yourself that it is time to learn, recognise, understand, accept, change and heal some important things in yourself and in your life.
  • As said, depression is something that “hits” the most creative, sensitive, artistic, open and pioneering people! So you are in good company! Which is not to say of course that being these things means that you must be or have to be depressed or keep company with depression! You can and must, to be happy, be all of these things without depression and you can naturally do that with joy and with ease once you know how.
  • Depression can be accompanied by feelings of fear, panic, pain, sadness, indifference, anger, numbness, boredom and by behaviors such as substance abuse – drugs, alcohol, food – or even self abuse. Naturally, problems are created in relationships, at work, with sexuality and much more…
  • Depression is tailor made for you… It is something that you have gotten yourself into and therefore something you yourself can and have to get out of… In depression, as with everything else, you never have any more to deal with than you are able to. If you don’t know or cannot see or feel this and if you feel you can’t do this alone then you simply need to reach out for help.
  • Depression can be just the thing you need to set your priorities in order and to clear out anything that you no longer need on all levels. Depression is a great clearer of all that is old or useless, giving you the opportunity, within this new simplicity and this new space, to understand and love yourself  more and to open up towards ever deepening love and life and ever deepening real happiness…

How I can help you…

Having been through as long and deep depression as any and having been living since then the ever most creative and alive period of my life, the healing solutions I offer are those that helped me to heal and are here to help you heal too. I don’t work based off of theories or ideas and within limiting boundaries ( whether “alternative” or not ) but rather with practical and functional healing techniques which truly offer freedom and which truly do work!


The Counseling sessions I offer can be an absolutely invaluable tool in your healing process. They provide real insight, support, awareness, breakthroughs and needed information while remaining completely reality based and down to earth. Because in order to fly you first need to be able to walk!

Clearing, Healing and Balancing

Clearing, Healing and Balancing sessions align your body with your spirit, mind and emotions and clear out physical as well as mental and emotional blockages. They open, clear and heal your major energy centers or chakras and align the creative and practical aspects of yourself. Everything in your life will fall into a better, more harmonious place.


The amazing and unique Rebirthing or Connected Breathing sessions which I offer are completed in only 3 sessions. Others are offering Rebirthing using an old outdated technique which requires at least 10 sessions and often a lot more. This means that I can save you time, money and pain… In my experience, this older technique also does not actually get anyone to where they need to be – even after all those and many more sessions…

You can, simply and powerfully clear depression and any and all built up and pent up emotions. You can get under your issues and get them out so that you don’t suffer from them anymore. It is a profoundly life altering and relieving experience. Anyone who has tried will know, that no matter how much you talk about and understand your emotions, it is not enough to clear them.

The sessions themselves are based on simple deep breathing, are one-to-one, not traumatic in any way and are easy to do and for anyone to follow. You can read more about amazing Rebirthing with me here.


Have you decided to live a more creative, relaxed, positive, uplifted, joyful, happy, flowing, confident and easy life? Are you ready to say goodbye to depression and hello to your new more positive life now?

Get in contact and we can start!


Xenia Aidonopoulou