The Essence of Self Healing: How to bring Health and Happiness into your Life


“The Essence of Self Healing: How to Bring Health and Happiness into your Life” by Petrene Soames is written with warmth, charm and profound insights and it delivers an invigorating and empowering understanding of the links between you, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your health. It gives you step-by-step instructions, easy-to use techniques and exercises that can be simply adjusted to your own individual needs.

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“Petrene Soames provides the reader with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use techniques and exercises to promote personal health through the process of “self-healing”. Readers will have a much clearer understanding of why they get, out of balance, and out of shape. They will learn to so no to illness and pain, to stop being negatively affected by others, and to bring positive results even when everything else (including traditional medicine) has failed. They will learn how to heal the past and break negative patterns, lose weight, keep it off, and feel great about their bodies. The Essence Of Self-Healing is very highly recommended reading for those who are interested in exploring the mind-body connection regarding issues of personal health, students of alternative medicine, and anyone seeking to improve their personal, emotional, and psychological well being.”

– Midwest Book Review, ( Oregon, USA )